Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Welcome to the Shepherd's Bush Village. Shepherd's Bush is one of my very favorite designers and I know many of you love them as well. I am starting this blog as a gallery and a stitch-along site so we can share our myriads of SB projects and goals. If you would like to post on this site, please e-mail me from the link in my profile or leave a comment right here with your e-mail and blog info so I can add you as a member.
I am going to start with 2 photos for the gallery of my favorite Shepherd's Bush pieces. The header photo is "Earth Gatherers" which was stitched several years ago. The one in this post is "My Earth" which was also stitched a few years ago.


The Daily Mel said...

I love Shepherd's Bush designs! I'm currently working on the Sophie Stocking. May I please be added to the blog? :)

Andrea said...

Hello TJ! Thanks for the invite, I'd love to join :-)

Candi said...

I absolutly love SB and have a few patterns started now!!! Can I please join?

Patti said...

Hi, I really love SB and would love to join too please. I am currently stitching on various things including Quaker Heart and I have their latest fob to stitch as well. I have finished a few SB but only kept one which is Roma's Garden which I really loved stitching. Please let me join. My email is patreeshal@gmail.com and my blog is www.tapestry-of-dreams.blogspot.com. Love Patti xxx