Monday, October 26, 2009

Earth Gatherer

Progress may be slow on this project. I'm finding the 32-count linen to be a bit difficult to deal with at night (even with my OTT light) ---- so this is my day project.

So far I have two feet --- a little bit of pan leg --- some pitchfork ---- and a heart. I love the little heart.


lenna said...

It is looking good Dee. I did this one for a shop model and it was beautiful when I got it finished. It was so hard to give up. I probably put in a least 100 hours on it.
Hang in there it looks great on the 32ct. fabric. I love your little heart, too.
God Bless ~

Carolyn NC said...

Love this one - nice progress. :)

Anonymous said...


100 hours, huh? Well, I'll just keep plugging away one stitch at a time. ;-)