Friday, October 30, 2009

Roma's Garden and current progress

I recently showed a finish of mine on my blog which I competed in 1995. It's Roma's Garden and is such a favourite of mine. I just love all the specialty stitches in it, Roma herself, the garden gate, need I go on? A true pleasure to stitch this one.

Roma's Garden

Competed ~ 1995

Kit released ~ 1994

Showing cut thread work with interlacing pattern

Roma in her garden

The gate

Lots of specialty stitches

I'm also stitching Baby Bug Ball at the moment. I've just completed one of the Bugs.

Baby Bug Ball - 28 October 2009

It's lovely seeing everyone's stitching and finishes on this blog. A real feast for the eyes for us SB fans!


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Carolyn NC said...

Jane, RG is lovely - so well done, too. BBB is adorable!

Nina said...

Beautiful works, as always, Jane :)

Françoise said...

I am fond of your work...

Isadarena said...

Jane , this stitching is just delicious !! Just wonderful !!

Anonymous said...

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