Monday, November 16, 2009

Boo Sheep . . .

Baa, Baa, and Baa ~

I finished this Spooky Sheep last night.
I started it about 4 in the afternoon.

It is a Sheperd's Bush kit which included ~
The fabric which I changed.
Silk threads and the
darling little hat which is a button.
The three pumpkins
are stacked up
on each other.
It was very fast and quite fun.
I think next time I will get Thankful!

I plan to take out my signature and date
and move them at the bottom.

Thanks for peeking!
God Bless ~


Jane said...

I loved stitching this one too! Aren't these small sheepie patterns such fun? Baaaa..eautiful stitching!

(Make sure you get Thankful Sheep - it's even better).

Patti said...

That is adorable! Just found your blog- love stitching (although not very good) but plan to come back!