Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sail Away almost done

This is where I stopped at my last
posting. I have done all the stitching
on this part except for the flag.
I forgot it. I am also going to add some
blending filament to the sun for sparkle.
I did put glow-in-the-dark
blending filament in the lighthouse light and
the middle top window has a candle glow
awaiting the return of the loved one.
I took out the flowers and added some sheep
and used an over dyed silk from
Down Under for the water.
At first, I was
not happy with it but it has grown on me.
The picture of it turned out better than I
thought it would.
You can actually see the fish.
Now to the picket fence. I put in the first
two rows for placement and then
started the final words.
Got Come back again to me started
to do the next picket and it was
touching the top of the "C".

You guessed it the Frog was back.
I took it out and put it right back in again.
Started on the flowers. I put in the only color
of green I had knowing it was not the one
I thought I had saved. Again with the frog ~
Got that torn out but now after finding
the green will finish the flowers and
the picket fence and flowers.

Will post again soon. I have the mats cut and
the framed purchased. Yea!

Thanks for taking a peek. Come by and see my
blog at

God Bless you one and all ~


agnes said...

liebe Grüße

Dee said...

It is gorgeous! The colors are so vibrant (well, for SB they are vibrant)---- Lovely!

Fairy Footprints said...

I love your cross stitch its gorgeous, and must have took you some time, what a wonderful tribute to the Lord.

God bless,

Stop by and see me sometime.


Carolyn NC said...

It's beautiful - here's something interesting. Right as I'm reading your post, the song "Come Back to Me" was playing on my blog - too coincidental!