Friday, March 12, 2010

Blog Administrator?

I received an email from Tracy, the former administrator for this blog.  Please read and respond if you know who the new administrator is.  Thanks.

I don't know if you remember me but I am the original administrator of the Shepherd's Bush blog.
I noticed that it doesn't appear to be managed by anyone and I do not remember who I transferred administrative duties to.  I am emailing you to see if you would check your settings for that blog and look in the permissions tab to see if it was you that I transferred it to.
If not, would you be so kind as to leave a post on the blog to see if you can find out who it is and ask that all members check in their settings to see if it is them, I know it was someone who e-mailed me and offered to help.
I am just interested so that the blog can be managed properly and am trying to help with that.
Tracy >>


Colleen said...

Tracy, If no one steps up to claim the blog administrator, I would be interested in doing this, if you would give me some assistance in getting started. Shepherd's Bush has been and is my favorite. My first project, The Wool Gatherer, and the rest is history.
I would like to see this site get going again.

Let me know,

Tracy J said...


Thank you for your interest.

That said, I have no way of regaining any control of any adminsitrative abilities on this blog and therefore no way of giving them to someone else.

I'm sad to see such a wonderful blog not be all that it could be capable of but I tried to use "blogger help" and didn't get a reply from them either.

Anonymous said...


How about starting a new blog with a similar name with Colleen as the admin. You could do a posting showing that the blog has moved and have everyone interested rejoin.


Colleen said...

Dee's idea is a good one. I have seen it done before. Tracy, thoughts?

Thanks Dee.


Tracy J said...


If you are interested in starting it over, I will support you in every way I can.

Great Idea!

I hope everyone will join.


Colleen said...

Tracy & Dee: I'm willing to start up another SB blog, if the 2 of u would give some guidance and suggestions. Suggestions 4 similar name and how to post info to current members to come to new blog? How long to set up new blog?

Let me know.


Tracy J said...

My advice would be to give it the same name at least at first to not confuse, you can always change it later.

Secondly, leave a post on this blog about it and put a link to it in the post. Maybe do this more than once, like once a week until the members start coming over to the new blog. (They will also have to be invited by you to be able to post to the new blog). If you know their e-mail addresses already you can send them invites from your new blog's permission page in settings, but if not you will have to wait until they contact you about being invited. Let me know if you need help with this.

You could do it right away if you want. This blog will remain in use since there is no way to do anything with it anyway and members might keep posting here but slowly but surely they will catch on and move over to the new board and it won't hurt anything if folks are still posting here too.

If you need any further help, just email me at tajinaz 36 @ yahoo (dot) com. (without the spaces).

Anonymous said...

Hi, Colleen,

Have you set up a new SB blog?


Nina said...

I'd like to be the adminitrator, I am managing some other stitchers blogs too... like Atalie, Tralala, Renato Parolin, so on.

Colleen said...

Hi Nina,
Thank you for your interest. We set up a new SB village blog, with administrators. Our new address is:
I will send you and invitation and please come and join us.
Thank you again for replying. I see that you are Hungry and stitching is a huge part of your life. I would love to see some of your projects. Please keep in touch at our new sight.
Colleen B.